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Radical equity, diversity and inclusion rooted in cutting-edge theory and robust academic methods

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We are equity, diversity and inclusion practitioners. Our work is rooted in academic theory and methods, brought together with cross-sector experience and knowledge. We set ourselves apart by taking a context-based approach for every client to ensure lasting change that is inherently radical.



We’re committed to a research-based approach and our work is underpinned by academic theory and methods. We’re able to ideate, design and deliver research projects with a commitment to producing the highest quality outputs held up to ethical standards that our congruent with our ethos.


audit & monitoring

Improving inclusion requires a clear understanding of current performance and challenges. Through our audits we deliver a snapshot of the situation as it stands, against organisation goals and broader standards.

We’re able to design robust monitoring systems that allow organisations to continue to evaluate, ensuring ongoing accountability and progress.



We are able to draw on eight years of cross-sector experience and a wide-ranging network to support organisations to build EDI strategy from the ground-up across areas including: external communications, organisational culture, internal communications and HR.

We also work with internal empowerment networks, for example BAME, LGBT+ to help define strategy and aims.


Training & coaching

If you’ve already spent time identifying your EDI challenges and devising a strategy with clear goals, then we can support you with tailored training delivered by experts at the leading edge of social justice fields.

Training programmes are built to specification for each project, after spending time with the organisation to understand challenges and objectives. Executive coaching with Henna is available for select clients.

Who we’ve worked with


Henna Zamurd-Butt

I am an inclusion practitioner and researcher.

I’ve always been interested in understanding and deconstructing prevailing narratives and systems of inequity; my passion lies in seeking out alternate realities.

As a doctoral researcher at Goldsmiths, University of London, I am exploring the coloniality of Internet access.

In 2021 I launched Parsing Politics, a space for discussions about social justice and technology. Since 2016 I have been co-founder and director of London-based multi-arts festival Bare Lit.

 In the past, I spent five years as part of the team that ran Media Diversified, foregrounding comment and analysis by racially minoritised writers in the UK.

BA SOAS History & Politics, MSc RHUL Global Politics, MA Distinction LSE Politics & Communication


creating the right team for every project

our Network

For each project we put together a specific team from our broad network of EDI, research, training and communications experts. We’re committed to our own inclusive work practices and ensure that teams include persons from concerned communities where relevant to the work.

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